Dividing Assets, Not Families

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When the time comes for you to begin establishing a relationship with a Riverside, CA, lawyer, The Law Office of Kyle A. Patrick, P.C. is the law firm to choose for excellent service with your current and future legal needs. We strive to serve addressing your issues with courtesy and respect.

A lawyer from our firm will begin protecting your rights, and we’ll provide you with local representation to your case. We practice in the following areas:

  • Estate law
  • Probate law
  • Litigation law

Avoiding conflict before it arises.

Mr. Patrick takes the time to learn about you, your family and your assets in order to truly understand your estate plan and tax strategies. Estate planning can be overwhelming and the expense associated with it is often a deterrent, which is why many people create their own estate plans and other documents with online tools. While these low-cost alternatives are less expensive on the front end, they often lead to unintended or unwanted outcomes, costing you or your family more money on the back end. Sadly, sometimes these problems are not discovered until it’s too late, and correcting them requires court intervention. A comprehensive and cohesive estate plan can eliminate this uncertainty and provide a clear and concise plan for the management and distribution of assets.


Ensuring that your legal disputes are resolved as smoothly as possible.

When disputes arise we provide focused representation suited to you and your personal goals. It is our goal to resolve conflicts on a fair and equitable basis, especially when family is involved. Throughout his years in practice, Mr. Patrick has acquired the skills to handle alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, to effectively resolve cases without the added emotional and financial strain of trial when appropriate. While his skills enable you to settle your case out of court, where you will have more control of the outcome, our clients can also be confident in the firm’s trial experience. Should it become necessary, we stand ready to aggressively prosecute or defend lawsuits.  

When you’re ready to begin working with a Riverside, CA, lawyer for your current legal challenges, reach out to our lawyer at The Law Office of Kyle A. Patrick, P.C. Contact our office team today to request your first appointment with your lawyer. We offer flexible business hours to our valued clients during the week, and weekend appointments are available upon request for your convenience.

The Law Office of Kyle A. Patrick, P.C.  serves clients throughout the Inland Empire in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, including the desert and Temecula Valley.